The Scene: Wilmington Weekly Newsletter Launches

WILMINGTON, NC — It’s an exciting day at The Scene: Wilmington as we sent out our inaugural FREE newsletter of local music news.

Our Wilmington-area venues are doing a fantastic job of programming the incredible local talent along with intriguing touring acts regionally and nationally.  We’ve been following these venues and publishing the concerts as they’re announced on our events page.  But sometimes these acts need a little bit of context because of the unique nature of the show or details about the gig.  That’s where “The Scene: Wilmington Weekly Newsletter” hopes to step up!

Each week, we will give you some perspective on what to expect on the scene in the weeks ahead. We will also showcase local artists as they release new music. We hope to keep evolving the newsletter to offer ticket giveaways, etc.  But we need your help!  Join us!  It’s FREE.  You can’t beat the price.  Well, I suppose we could pay you to subscribe, but let’s not get silly.

Do me a favor.  Subscribe here.

And if you weren’t among the lucky first recipients of our email, you can view this week’s edition here.

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