Rock gets the Classical Treatment in this High Concept Tour set for Wilmington in 2024

WILMINGTON, NC — Foo Fighters, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine.

All legendary rock acts that are about to get new life breathed into their songs from a band of classical musicians.  It’s called “The Rock Orchestra” and it’s wildly popular in Europe.  In 2024, the group scheduled more than a dozen early in the year dates and Wilmington is on the list.

(Editor’s note –>The Scene: Wilmington is pumped.)

The Rock Orchestra will perform a 90-minute concert on April 24th next year at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater (another reason to get excited.  What a perfect venue for this concept!)

This is how the experience is described on the website:

A band of classical musicians, breathing beautifully dark energy into legendary Rock & Metal tracks. Bathed in a sea of candles, skeletal players with rhinestone masks effortlessly switch between sublime melodies & powerful walls of sound. Crooked lurching towers, floating lanterns & giant headbanging puppets set the stage for an otherworldly musical experience.

You can’t get tickets yet, but you can register for notice of when they’re going to go on sale.



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