Elvis Costello and The Imposters plan a 2024 tour visit to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC — Legendary singer and songwriter Elvis Costello announced a 2024 southern tour of the United States and it includes a stop in Wilmington at The Wilson Center.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters will play The Wilson Center on February 2nd, 2024.  Tickets go on sale Friday, September 29th at 10am.

The Englishman is considered one of the most talented songwriters of his generation by many after his debut album My Aim is True in 1977. He’s been a favorite of critics for his songwriting skills, even if it hasn’t produced an overwhelming amount of commercial success in the United States.  Perhaps one of his most well known songs that he performed, but didn’t write, is She, which is featured in the hit movie Notting Hill.

Costello and The Imposters will end their 15-show, 3-week tour called the 7-0-7 Tour in Wilmington next year.

From the announcement:

It is with an air of the utmost delight that we, The Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College (CFCC), purveyors of the finest musical tidings, announce the resplendent return of the esteemed maestro, Elvis Costello, and his illustrious coterie, The Imposters. Brace yourselves, for this transcendental ensemble shall be traversing some of America’s most verdant roads on their scintillating 7-0-7 Tour, an escapade destined to rhapsodize the senses and bewitch the heartstrings.

Ah, but let us not overlook the accompanists of our esteemed troubadour! The Imposters, those cunning artisans of harmony and rhythm —namely, Steve Nieve, Pete Thomas, and Davey Faragher—shall once again pledge their musical virtuosity, their souls and strings and keys, to this endeavor. And lo and behold, the brilliant guitarist Charlie Sexton shall join this musical fellowship, bestowing a luminous brilliance akin to stars strung across the heavens.

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